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Respectful Coexistence

Published: September 30, 2011, Author: JayTaber

As colonial constructs imposed by European powers, the states of Canada and the US perpetuate illegitimate claims on North America that cannot be legitimated without the consent of First Nations and  indigenous peoples. Yet, despite the recognition of indigenous rights under international law, the domination of these states that continues to deprive indigenous societies of a dignified and fulfilling life remains.

In his commentary at Indian Country Today, Steven T. Newcomb warns that indigenous liberation from this domination faces an obstacle in the form of reconciliation that promises to evade resolution of their grievances.

If we are to someday reconcile indigenous and settler societies, the injustices accumulated over the last half millenium will need to be acknowledged and relieved. Reconciliation without resolution is merely an illusion; ending domination is the only path to respectful coexistence.

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