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Banana Republic

Published: February 14, 2011, Author: JayTaber

After Cobell v Norton (Kempthorne, et al), anyone not in a coma is likely skeptical about the integrity of the U.S. Government when it comes to Indian affairs. The looting documented in the federal suit to recover Indian assets illegally transferred to corporations in cahoots with the Department of Interior, clarifies in many a mind just how corroded our central government has become.

Exposing malfeasance at the State Department in its release of Cablegate, the Wikileaks network might yet get around to other departments like Interior. If you’re a leader in Indian Country, life could get real interesting, fast.

Glenn Greenwald at Salon runs down the concerted effort of the Pentagon,
Department of Justice, Bank of America, and Chamber of Commerce to
destroy Wikileaks by any means
necessary. Unconcerned with violating the law in order to bring the
whistleblowers down, the corporate/government consortium that committed
the crimes revealed by Wikileaks,
observes Greenwald, has no compunction committing further crimes as
revenge. As Greenwald concludes, the federal government’s power has been
privatized, leaving government agencies to cover up corporate crimes.
In essence, he says, we are now a banana republic.

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