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Ideology and Language

Published: January 14, 2011, Author: JayTaber

While President Obama and his cabinet evade their constitutional duties in public security and law enforcement, providing instead religious bromides amid mindless political theatre, Susannah Heschel, professor of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth, examines the power and intent of religious right ideology and language. As I’ve noted previously, Christian Identity is a murderous belief system promoted by the Christian Reconstructionist network, which includes such notorious celebrities as Sarah Palin. With aid and support from right-wing media like FOX News, they provide Christian Patriots with targets for harassment, assault and murder.

Inciting violence against Jews, homosexuals, or Native Americans is a proven science, and in the age of netwar, it is more powerful than ever.

Obama’s choice to provide amnesty for right-wing purveyors of bigotry is a sad example of his moral cowardice. By covering up the social context in which political murder and assassination take place, the President placates Christian fascists while discouraging humanitarian intellectual engagement. A profound abdication of leadership.

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