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Art and Science

Published: January 3, 2011, Author: JayTaber

A while back I quoted the late Haida artist William Reid as saying art is the essence of life. Having lived in Haida Gwaii, immersed in a living landscape housing one of the greatest concentrations of public art and learning in the world, Reid knew of what he spoke. Like the natural beauty of the Haida islands, their art inspired beautiful minds, communicating through image a world few can imagine today.

Like many non-indigenous inhabitants of North America, I was also drawn to the natural beauty of coastal British Columbia, as well as the synergy of the art of coastal First Nations. It’s been over thirty years since I navigated that coastline, but the connections I drew between beauty, environment, and lifestyle remain a part of me.

As we struggle to communicate philosophies of love and beauty amid the frantic vertigo of modern life, we need to find a balance between art and science. Sciences like psychology, which are useful in communication, must take into account the benefits of beautiful presentation. If we are to effectively convey a hopeful message, how we present that message matters.

Chief George Manuel Memorial Indigenous Library

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