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Double Standards

Published: December 21, 2010, Author: JayTaber

As Irish author David Cronin notes in his new book, the European Union is deeply in bed with Israel, which explains why when it comes to human rights, the EU double standards are especially hypocritical. With only the European Parliament asking tough questions about economic and military support for the Israeli apartheid state, the military alliance between Israel and the US may soon include NATO. With the Obama administration’s capitulation to Israel on everything of substance, Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine will soon be completed.

As Secretary Clinton made clear in her recent speech, the racist Israeli police state — financed by the United States — may be in complete violation of international law, but that fact will not interfere one iota with the supply of US weapons to be used in genocide against the indigenous people of Palestine. As she warned the Palestinians, any efforts to bring international sanction for genocide against the US and Israel would be punished severely.

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