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2010 White House Tribal Nations Conference

Published: December 15, 2010, Author: MHirch

It is a historic event. Alaska Native and Native American leaders will meet with President Obama at the White House Tribal Nations Conference, held at the headquarters of the Department of Interior in Washington tomorrow on Thursday Dec. 16th. The aim of the tribal summit is to promote stronger communications between tribes and the Obama Administration, entering into more meaningful discussion between tribal leadership and the Obama Administration. Concurrent breakout sessions on a wide range of topics- including health, culture and land rights amongst others- will give conference attendees the opportunity to interact with representatives from the highest levels of the Obama Administration. Each of the 565 federally recognized tribes of the United States has been invited to send one representative to the conference, which is being held for the second time during the Obama administration.
Tribal leaders will be calling on US President Obama to support the vitally important UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. The signing of which the United States, as the only country on this globe, still oppose despite the devastating health situation of indigenous communities within the country.
President Barack Obama will speak at the opening session of the conference, which will be broadcast at

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