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The Beauty of True Mentoring Relationships

Published: November 1, 2010, Author: MHirch

Having a good mentor in life is a very precious gift and great honor.

There are wonderful people on the face of this planet who have mastered some of the many secrets of how the world works and are willing to selflessly give and share experiences, guide others through life and bring out their best. To have such a mentor come into one’s life can completly change perceptions, reality, and thus change life.


There is lots of power and potential in elders passionate in indigenous issues teaching others in a trustful and respectful mentoring relationship. Helping their mentees’ find their mission, vision, goal, inspiring and opening their eyes to see what is possible by challenging norms and categories that have been like self-limiting walls and boundaries.This ultimately enables the mentees to develop self-confidence and trust to effect change in their areas.
Being on the learning journey together can be a wonderful expedition into the other’s mental universe. Exploring beliefs and cosmovisions, finding a common language to share and express the mutual love for life and discuss how to try to best protect, enhance and enrich life in our surroundings in the interest of our fellow beings’ greatest benefit.

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