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Friends of the Earth

Published: November 20, 2010, Author: JayTaber

For the indigenous peoples of Latin America, what the European introduced plague and military invasions spared from destruction since 1492 is now being annihilated by the market system. Globalization in the form of deforestation, agrochemical poisoning, and ethnic cleansing by multinational giants like Monsanto, Cargill, and ADM, now spells the end of the world for the aboriginal peoples whose forests are being converted to soy plantations to use in European factory farms. Friends of the Earth Paraguay examines the true cost of Europe’s meat by looking at the devastation it is inflicting on South American Indians and their environment.

Chief George Manuel Memorial Indigenous Library

The library is dedicated to the memory of Secwepemc Chief George Manuel (1921-1989), to the nations of the Fourth World and to the elders and generations to come.

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