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Illuminating the Rift

Published: February 23, 2010, Author: JayTaber

The difference between appearance and substance is illuminated by the rift between those who support the corporate state while retaining social security and civil rights (liberals), and those who wish the corporate state to be more accountable to their notions of human rights (progressives). Both want reform of the existing corporate system, but neither advocate democratizing capital in order to achieve their goals. That would also entail a shift in posture from begging to demanding, and involve risking those corporate paychecks and foundation grants.

Socialists who’ve succeeded in attaining a better deal for everyone, though, have endured blacklisting, harassment and assault from church and state and their lackeys. Sometimes the lackeys are conservative, sometimes liberal, but the marginalizing of peace activists by Obama supporters demonstrates that even progressives are essentially anti-democratic.

This labeling identity conundrum is causing unnecessary consternation among dedicated human rights advocates; if they are committed to a socialist agenda, then they need to abandon the notion of working within the capitalist system. But due to the prevailing mindset of most Americans, taking this step is much too frightening. So, for now, progressives and liberals continue to seek rights without the corresponding responsibilities, and the empire rolls along.

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