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Somewhere to Belong

Published: November 7, 2009, Author: JayTaber

There was a time in human history when political leaders attained such positions by proving themselves devoted to the protection and well-being of their people. One of my ancestors, Hugh O’Neill, was recognized as such on an Irish postage stamp.

Four hundred years later, of course, the industrialization of politics – from parties to lobbyists and PACs – has corrupted governance to the point of perversion of these principles, in Ireland and elsewhere. Still, some principled people endure through political organizations like Sinn Fein, and indeed lead the way in fighting the globalization of poverty imposed by the US, EU and UN.

At some point, tribal leaders worldwide, along with their pro-democracy friends, will initiate political change based on genuine relational values. When that happens, environmental and human rights activists will have somewhere to belong and something to do that doesn’t require selling one’s soul in the process. The world indigenous peoples’ movement is heading in that direction; America isn’t.

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