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Police Action

Published: October 17, 2009, Author: JayTaber

No Invasions Required

As Steven Pressfield ‘s continuing interview with Chief Zazai illustrates, the problem with US troops in Afghanistan isn’t the number or duration, but the fact they are there to support the wrong guys, thugs masquerading as the central Afghanistan government. This isn’t a new problem with US foreign policy, the US almost always backs anti-democratic criminal thugs it can work with in exploiting a countries’ resources. It almost never backs honest local governance with a track record of maintaining peaceful law and order.

Thus, all the hand-wringing over timelines, troop levels, and geopolitics in Central Asia, Central Africa, and South America is just so much bogus spectacle, designed to bamboozle American citizens. Back the democratic movements, and cleaning up bad guys like the Taliban and Al Qaeda becomes a simple, local police action, no invasions required.

Unfortunately, explaining this to corrupt US politicians on the take from the arms industry, or to pious poseurs of the moral theatrics industry, is almost as futile as convincing American voters the whole US government system is a farce. Bamababies especially.

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