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Penalty for Drug Company’s Cheat for Illegal Drug Promos

Published: September 3, 2009, Author: MHirch

It is a great warning to all drug manufacturers. Federal prosecutors called the world’s largest drug maker Pfizer a repeating corporate cheat for illegal drug promotions that plied doctors with free massages, golf and resort junkets. Pfizer has to pay a record-breaking penalty of $2.3 billion. Justice Department officials said the overall settlement is the largest ever paid by a drug company for alleged violations of federal drug rules, and the $1.2 billion criminal fine is the largest ever in any U.S. criminal case.

Hopefully this unprecedented settlement will help to make drug companies stop this widely known and all too common practice of illegal drug promotions. Drug makers have to realize that their beautiful and responsible mission is to endeavor to bring better health and life quality to all people.

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