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Oil Production in the Amazon- Two Models

Published: July 1, 2009, Author: MHirch

The government of Ecuador with the help of funds from Germany, amongst others, wants to quit oil production in the Amazon agreeing to what can be regarded as a pilot project in the interest of climate and environmental protection.

At the same time the Peruvian government permits new oil exploitation by the French- English company, Perenco, in the province of Loreto- one of the most oil rich as well as bioculturally precious and diverse regions in the Amazon. This recent step by the Peruvian government destroys new hopes of a respectful and mutual discussion with indigenous groups of the area and a more sustainable and insightful handling of the world’s unique treasures in the Peruvian Amazon. Putting indigenous peoples and their still intact natural surroundings at severe risk of contamination if not extinction.

More than 300.000 members of indigenous tribes inhabit the Amazon, a region which accounts for two thirds of the Peruvian territory. 4000 of them belong to about 15 uncontacted tribes the existence of who the oil company Perenco as well as the Peruvian government denied until recently.
The uncontacted Pananujuri and Taromenane living close to the Yasuni national park at the Ecuadorian border run the highest risk of exposure to foreign diseases which could kill them.

In order to protect human life, regional biodiversity and the world’s climate it is high time for the international community to step in and exert pressure as well as offer financial compensation for leaving the region untouched by expoitative foreign companies.

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