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News Ruse Continues Unchallenged

Published: April 28, 2009, Author: JayTaber

The instruments of dominion are limited; even the science of coercion is predictable. No longer able to morally justify genocide by murderous slaughter, modern agencies of colonial powers like the United Nations use psychological warfare to frustrate indigenous peoples’ demands. Now that systematic exclusion of indigenous peoples by the UN has been exposed by civil society, the only avenue left for these agents of dominion is psywar.

Invented by colonial powers to dominate indigenous peoples, psywar is now used by the UN in subverting the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change. By sponsoring conferences, media ads and articles that promote its carbon-market trading scheme as a means of saving indigenous peoples, UN agencies hope to confuse the public mind, while at the same time divide and conquer the World Indigenous Peoples’ Movement.

Were the Ponzi promoters on Wall Street to attempt such a charade, the con would soon be uncovered. But with the rubric of UN rhetoric as cover, the news ruse continues unchallenged.

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