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Unfounded Faith

Published: March 10, 2009, Author: JayTaber

The assumption that the evolution of consciousness is linear ignores the dimensional aspects of learning. Recognizing patterns of evolution through the process of scientific observation — as practiced by our autochthonous ancestors — revealed a universal order of natural laws symbolized by the spiral and concentric circles. While recurring cycles of human conduct (and misconduct) undermine wishful thinking, the lethal concept of progress — based on the unfounded faith in the advancement of knowledge — perpetuates the destructive arrogance of mastering destiny, manifest and otherwise.

As a disease of the human psyche, progress — like apocalypticism — is only contained by a restoration of awe at the mysteries of the universe and the limitations of humankind. Treating this disease as a public health problem recognizes no bad ideas ever go away; they just go dormant, only to reappear in more virulent forms.

The arrogance of progressivism is, unfortunately, founded on ignorance of the above.

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