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Public Relations

Published: March 27, 2009, Author: JayTaber

Power Trip

The United Nations, much like its member states that systematically steal and daily destroy indigenous peoples’ property, understands the value of public relations and the power of process. By denying a voice to indigenous peoples in UN climate change talks, the bureaucrats of the UN assure UN agencies like the IMF and World Bank a free hand in continuing their plunder of indigenous peoples’ resources, wealth and knowledge.

Working in tandem with state propaganda and corporate media, the UN is thus able to get away with public relations stunts like affirming the human rights of indigenous peoples, while at the same time doing everything in its power to undermine those rights. Innocent consumers of UN PR, desperate for signs of hope for humankind, eagerly accept this propaganda as fact within a vacuum of information outside the Internet.

By keeping the world ignorant of what transpires within the UN, this international institution can act with impunity toward indigenous peoples and issue unchallenged claims to supporting human rights–conceivably the ultimate power trip.

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