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Our Own Message

Published: March 18, 2009, Author: JayTaber

A Winning Strategy

In this New York Times article on the political theatre surrounding the AIG scandal, topping the list of Ponzi vendors bleeding the US Treasury dry is Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs, some might recall, was also a major backer of President Obama’s campaign, and is, among other things, a major investor in oil.

With its venture capital replenished at taxpayer expense, Goldman Sachs is now positioned to play a major role in the ultimate Ponzi scheme: carbon-market trading. Carbon-market trading, the shell game devised by UN agencies like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, is potentially the most lucrative scam of all time. After all, life itself hangs in the balance; merchants of fear will have a field day raking in the proceeds.

Which is where communication comes in. Knowing in advance the governments that comprise the ruling member states of the UN will do everything in their power to promote carbon-market trading as the only solution to climate change, focusing our discussions on more effective remedies might attract an audience from those growing skeptical of promises by criminalized banks and corrupted governments. Responding to the carbon-market trading propaganda and advertising embedded in mainstream media is a losing tactic; developing our own message and sticking to it is a winning strategy.

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