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Driving People Mad

Published: March 1, 2009, Author: MHirch

Governments should be accused of failing citizens. Well-being in the developed world is decreasing. Under-investment and dog eat dog societies are to blame for governments’ poor performance. Stress levels are visibly getting higher all over due to lack of cohesion and spreading fear of the dire consequences of the econnomic crisis. Breaking the back of the poor. Less and less time is available to spend with each other and family. Life qualitiy is further and further reduced with severe effects on health status. Even in countries like Germany condsidered to be one of the richest in this world.

Our surroundings turn more and more into insecure places for kids to simply be, play, have fun together. Mental disorders can be witnessed increasingly out in the open often coming along with substance abuse problems which result in higher rates of criminality mistrust and trauma.

What about the governments’ commitment to supporting every citizen to fulfil his or her full potential?

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