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Transgressions Overlooked

Published: January 26, 2009, Author: JayTaber

If you look up the word dreamer in the Oxford English Dictionary, you will find a concise, belittling description: a romantic or unpractical person. If you describe someone as a dreamer to an aboriginal person in Australia, Canada, or Ireland, you will be understood to mean a visionary, someone blessed with the spiritual gift of imagination.

An acceptable alternative to being called a dreamer in English-speaking societies, is to be a poet, or storyteller, or writer, or artist, or musician. They still see or hear or imagine visions in dreams they later translate and communicate to others, but they are honored for the act of translating while their unpractical transgressions in arriving at that point are somehow overlooked.

Of course not all writers or artists or musicians are dreamers, but they do on occasion associate with them and often understand that without them, nothing worthwhile would ever be accomplished. It is a secret that needs to be shared with those whose minds have been hampered by practicalities alone.

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