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Becoming Human

Published: January 4, 2009, Author: JayTaber

Established to perpetuate poverty as a system of social control, modern states have, in some circumstances, found it necessary to devolve some of their powers to autonomous regions or ancient nations that precede present state federations. Citizens of modern states, however, are still mostly indoctrinated by state educational systems in the mythology of progress–modern states being the pinnacle of human political evolution.

As modern states break down, though, the foundational components of civil society tend to revert to non-state values, like conservation, cooperation, and sharing. The cognitive dissonance created by the devolution of powers, inevitably sets more citizens on a path in opposition to state-centric systems of control; eventually, things — as constructed through state violence — fall apart. What some might call chaos or anarchy.

Solving our own problems, however chaotic that might be, is still preferable to many than being deprived of any say in how we are governed or employed. Exercising our influence, by taking control of decisions denied us by modern states, is the beginning of building new relationships oriented toward meeting our needs rather than ceding our responsibility. An essential part of becoming human.

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