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Wasteful Ways

Published: December 23, 2008, Author: JayTaber

Limits of the Planet

Like the Hopi and Navajo, the Mapuche Indians of Chile are caught in a crossfire by government agencies beholden to the energy industry. Like their North American indigenous brethren, their irreplaceable vital resources like pristine fresh water are wantonly sacrificed by backward technologies such as coal-fired thermoelectric plants. US and European corporations caught up in the insatiable industrial economic model — inherently unable to extricate themselves from the wasteful ways of privatized capital — are throughout the Americas encountering a more sophisticated resistance from tribal conservation economies; the limits of the planet and humanity just can’t take any more.

Chief George Manuel Memorial Indigenous Library

The library is dedicated to the memory of Secwepemc Chief George Manuel (1921-1989), to the nations of the Fourth World and to the elders and generations to come.

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