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Unraveling Apartheid

Published: December 31, 2008, Author: JayTaber

Because apartheid states like Israel were built on theft of indigenous peoples’ land, the psychosis of the colonial peoples takes a long time to unravel. A century or two, or more, is not uncommon.

But unlike the apartheid states of South Africa, Northern Ireland, Canada and the US, the Israeli state is fundamentally psychotic due to its theocratic fervor, inflamed by its immediate holocaustal prelude. Until its people surmount this psychological barrier to realizing their humanity, no good can come of it.

The truth of apartheid and colonial racism emerged long ago, but reconciliation has barely begun. Remnants of colonial psychosis endure among populations accustomed to privilege and the domination of others. Toxic mythologies need to be carefully purged from consciousness; undoing the damage is a long–term project

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