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Published: December 29, 2008, Author: JayTaber

Ostracizing America

As the US empire continues to disintegrate — further ostracizing America from the rest of the world — US relations with Latin America are mired in Cold War tactics, while everyone else has advanced. Nowhere exemplifies that more than Bolivia, where the first indigenous head of state in the world has deported CIA and DEA operatives attempting to overthrow his government in retaliation for nationalizing Bolivia’s oil and gas resources.

In the post-war period, coups from Iran to Chile were everyday affairs for the CIA, ousting independent leaders to be replaced by US puppets under the rubric of fighting Communism. Today, everyone at the UN and EU knows that this bogus propaganda was a cover-up for preventing democracy anywhere it might threaten US control of natural resources.

Everyone at OAS and UNASUR knows the current US misbehavior in Bolivia mirrors its Cold War criminal conduct.

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