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Native American Natural Foods

Published: November 6, 2008, Author: dramyeis

I want to urge my readers to take a close look at Native American Natural Foods, LLC and its important contribution to the restoration of healthy lives among the Dakota peoples of the US and Canada Midwest. Their web page at provides an easy access to these important foods. As the page explains:

Native American Natural Foods, LLC, is focused on creating a family of nationally branded food products that are delicious and that promote a Native American way of wellness that feeds mind, body, and spirit.Beginning with its first product line, which features Tanka Bar™, Tanka Bite™, and Tanka Trail™, Native American Natural Foods provides a category of natural healthy choices in the marketplace that currently does not exist.By adding value to traditional Native food products, using modern scientific methods and the least amount of processing possible, Native American Natural Foods innovates value-added products for the U.S. consumer marketplace.Founded in 2005 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, owners Karlene Hunter and Mark Tilsen imagine a world filled with healthy foods that add to the restoration and preservation of our lands and ecosystem — a world without the pain of starvation or obesity. The world they imagine embraces the lifestyle that Native American people lived just over a century ago.”Tanka” is used in reference to delivering your best with all your heart, mind, body and spirit. It is the choices that you make and the actions that you take to be who you are. Whether you’re Native, white, black, yellow or brown, it is your ability to overcome, to extend a helping hand for those in need, to defeat racism, to protect our Mother Earth, and to love all others on our planet.It is your ability to acknowledge “Mitakuye Oyasin” — we are all related.

I encourage you to give it a look.

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