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Christian Fascism

Published: October 7, 2008, Author: JayTaber

Sarah Palin’s propulsion into politics was fueled by religious intolerance, organized through malicious harassment, and targeted at democracy. Her use of the power of the state to deny equal protection under the law and to thwart the civil rights of her ideological opponents is consistent with the bigotry promoted and organized by the churches that made her what she is.

The wedding of her religiously-derived anti-democratic agenda to corporate impunity is what is known as Christian Fascism. Her particular brand of this political phenomenon was responsible for the murder of a quarter of a million indigenous people of Central America during the Reagan Administration.

Christian Fascism in the United States got a foothold in the White House during the last eight years, and with Palin’s candidacy is hoping to someday occupy the Oval Office.

Under the Bush Administration, the U.S. judiciary took a decidedly right turn against Native American sovereignty, the U.S. Constitution and international law; under a Palin Vice Presidency, we should expect community-level violence and harassment to increase significantly.

Indeed, with the help of the Clarion Fund and others, that is already happening.

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