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World Care and Tibet

Published: September 9, 2008, Author: dramyeis

Tibet is in trouble. As a long time supporter of Tibet’s freedom I am eager to share information about World Care and Tibet.

Tibet is located in the heart of Asia on the Roof of the World, is a beautiful Himalayan land of diversity with deep cultural and spiritual roots. Tibet has been called the Water Tower of Asia because many of the rivers that flow through the continent originate in Tibet. Tibetan teachings are based on the highest human values of honesty, compassion, peace and moral integrity. World Care is committed to assisting Tibet in safeguarding the dignity, health and wellbeing of its people and the conservation of its fragile environment. World Care provides aid through partnering with Tibetan and international organizations in Tibet and Tibetan exile communities worldwide. Together, we share a vision of hope with the ability, means and determination to find solutions for responding to the needs of Tibetan people.

World Care conducts programs around the globe through our
International Partner Projects with many world communities that have collaborated with us in providing emergency relief and sustainable community development

The attached document can be downloaded for samples of wonderful images from Tibet and more information about World Care.


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