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Classy Servants

Published: June 25, 2008, Author: MHirch

“We have no private life,” the secretaries of a German law firm state. Getting up at 6 o’clock in the morning to commute to work, unable to pay the rent in the metropolis. The secretaries usually won’t be back home before late evening after a day full of work. Then they are too tired to get anything more done.

This is the reality of people living in a super rich country, Germany. What kind of life is it? Working in a formal atmosphere of hierarchy and control where employees who were not fortunate enough to attain higher education get per week what their bosses make per hour. This system allows the latter to be admired because of being able to afford fancy toys in the form of sports cars and own nice homes in exclusive areas. At the same time though their screaming bodies are not the most aesthetic to look at. Some move like broomsticks covered with mountains of meat, dressed to the nines.

Unable to hit the stop button, caught in the zero sum game of life’s hedonistic treadmill, finally the body tries out the emergency exit. Making neglect heard in the form of e.g. a heart attack.
Those stories of “Happiness in the Face of Materialism?” tend to be rather short. One can quickly read them in the persons’ wrinkles, which are either not yet showing or decidedly not from laughing and joy.

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