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Published: March 17, 2008, Author: MHirch

The Peoples’ Republic of China aggressively conducts a policy toward Fourth World nations that can only be described as “genocidal.” China must be held accountable for its attacks on Tibetans seeking their independence from Chinese assimilation. China must be held accountable for its attacks on Uyghurs seeking an independent East Turkestan from Chinese assimilation. China must be held accountable for its provision of weapons and support to the Sudanese government attacks destroying in whole or in part the peoples of Dafur in western Sudan most of whom are living as refugees in eastern Chad. China must be held accountable for its use of petroleum in the delta region of Biafra southeast of Nigeria that destroys the life giving environment of the Ijaw, Ogoni, Ibbio and Igbo peoples. China has even threatened the thirteen tribes of Taiwan by demanding control over their territories.

China’s crony-capitalist mentality and policies hiding behind a one-party communist state are responsible for genocidal disasters that demand global sanctions. In Tibet, the Chinese government carries out the destruction of Tibet’s culture, Tibetan lives, and the ability of Tibetans to exist as a people by military means and an overwhelming transmigration program replacing Tibetans with Han Chinese. The recently opened railway from China to Tibet accelerates China’s deliberate efforts to destroy Tibet. The use of military attacks on Tibetans is clearly aimed at intimidating people into submission–not to mention the destruction of lives and property. China’s policy toward Tibet can only be described as the total destruction of Tibetan peoples, their culture and way of life–to commit genocide against the Tibetans.

My readers can help hold China accountable by logging on to FreeTibet. Do it NOW! Support the Tibetan Government NOW by logging.

You can hold China accountable by logging on to the East Turkistan Information Center and becoming informed about how the Uyghur people are defending against China’s assimilationist policies.

You can hold China accountable in Darfur and Biafra, Tibet and East Turkestan by contacting the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights demanding that the Commission on Human Rights condemn the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China for it aggressive policy of genocide! Demand that your government “Sanction China” for its genocidal policies.

When countries get a “pass” despite their blatant policy of genocide all of humanity is in danger. China is committing genocide. Athletes planning to participate in the China sponsored Olympics must “Sanction China” by withdrawing from participating in the Olympics. Ordinary citizens can “Sanction China” by boycotting products made in China…just read the lable and buy something else. Support with your money, your political will and your emails each of the peoples now under attack by China.

It is time that practitioners of Genocide suffer punishment. Once it was said, “Never Again.” Indeed governments have become the main practitioners of Genocide. Genocide is indeed being practiced with impunity. The people the world over must draw the line now and demand…no force…the issue…Genocide, Never Again!

(c) 2008 Center for World Indigenous Studies

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