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Barbarity of Scientific Times

Published: October 21, 2007, Author: MHirch

“The Stone Age may return on the gleaming wings of science” warned Winston Churchill in his Sinews of Peace Address in 1946. This statement seems to ring as true in contemporary times as back then.
Diverse contemporary so-called western sciences are not open but very much closed systems, seemingly becoming more and more so.

Science and education in Europe can start to pride itself for being more and more “pro-minority”, that is serving and available for the well-to-do at the upper end of society only. One of its main current goals being, “elite competition”, strengthening “elite research”, “elite school”. Proper education and access to science is increasingly granted to a caste of a chosen few only.
Universities are made to compete for future concepts and extra funds. Well equipped universities and research institutions thus becoming richer still. This tendency, called excellency initiative, in Germany, very well reflects the overall thinking and social concepts predominant not only in science and education but bearing down into all sectors of our lives. This increases the inequality at European universities and in society- the effect is wanted.

How could scientists act in the best interest of the world’s population and posses the openness which implies freedom when they are formed by and representing only a very small group of society? How many of these scientists are voluntary slaves of the personal hunt for success and wages, imposing tyrannically upon the rest, in the disguise of progressive theories, their ideology?

What is the thinking of contemporary western science? A thinking that suppresses, manipulates, restricts, bereaves, reduces makes cynical and egoistic, thoughtlessly and irresponsibly depersonalizes our world?
Does science serve understanding or dominance and control? Used as a means of power? Is more research focussing on the destruction of life or rather aiming to preserve life?

The more elitist science gets, the more often western scientists are only confounded by holistic cosmologies which intertwine elements that are social, ecological, empirical as well as spiritual. In the area of orthodox medicine the bias is so great that the fact that a therapy or medication was developed in different thought processes is a reason to refuse to accept it. Even the unbiased testing of the according therapy or medication in such cases is considered unnecessary. Through the exclusive use of funds and describing adverse thinking or remembering processes simply as “unscientific” and thus invalid, nothing is to intrude these established scientific systems. And this despite the fact that (even though science, undoubtedly, had and has great beneficial potential), time and again in history as well as nowadays, science completely failed morally, inventing the destructive potential of the world.

The ongoing reductionist and exclusivist world view of science leads to a one sidedness and hubris of scientific thinking- a threat for our survival.
When are we to overcome the barbaric aspects of our scientific technical times which become ever more elitist and monopolistic and realize the driving force behind research and knowledge- to find truth and to be for the good of humanity?

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